so you can

pick your outfits in 25 seconds for any occasion

look resplendent every single time you want to

feel happy, successful, and rich

build immediate trust in your audience


save money for your trip to Bora Bora knowing you look stunning


having to spend a cent more on your clothes, shoes and accessories

following 20 fashion bloggers on Instagram for 15 consecutive months to no avail

countless hours wandering in the mall wondering what on earth will make your physique look chic


The only sensible way to create your first wearable wardrobe is to build it on YOUR colours and YOUR lifestyle.

What exactly does ‘wearable’ mean?

It means you finally came to your senses and you wear EVERY single item you own AT LEAST 5 times in a season).

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Colour Breakthrough course is my signature course on colours for image and branding for personal and business success.

When you become an insider, you will be able to select your colours and get it right every single time.

What’s the hurry?

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Karolina who?

I am Karolina Chic, a style enabler helping hopeless dressers look resplendent.

I have never seen the world in black and white. After years of guessing just like every body else I discovered the world of colours. Once I saw and understood the phenomenal effect of colours on us and how they can alter the perception of our health, age, height, weight and happiness, I never looked back. 

I believe that we are all perfect because nature is never wrong. Once you know how to wrap what you have been given, you will treat yourself with the utmost respect inside and out. Yes, that’s another effect colours have on us. And that’s why I created Colour Breakthrough for you because I want to share this brilliance with you.



Colours are the backbone of your image and branding

  • colours can make you look young so you feel young and make plans


  • colours can make you look slim so you stop focusing on your other bits and act confidently


  • colours can make you look magnetic so you can allure the right person


  • colours can make you look charismatic so you can attract the right audience and build immediate trust


  • colours can make your brand look like the Fortune 500 company


If you let them.

Let’s see what others have to say on the subject

Why should you care?

You have to dress daily anyway so why not to feel like royalty off duty on a daily basis so you will get noticed, liked, and admired.

  • I am not a regular image consultant who will tell you what works for everyone (Grrrrrrrrr. Seriously?)


  • I will not show you how I dress so you can dress like me or Kate or Miranda or George


  • Above all, I will not tell you what’s in fashion right now. You can buy VOGUE for $5 or rent it in your local library


I will focus on YOU, YOUR personality, YOUR colours, YOUR style and create the best colour palette and personalized style guide for YOU.

Jump in before it leaves…

Only 35 spots (25 + 10) available for my undivided attention to YOU. So you can radiate positivity and beam with confidence on demand.

Allow my highly colour trained eye to rock your world and skyrocket your self esteem.