Thank you for signing up for Colour Breakthrough – the most colourful course under the sun.

You are in and I am thrilled.

Who am I?

As a true colour crusader  I drink my tea only from the cups that match my skin tone. I pay close attention to the shape of a cup, too. If the handle doesn’t fit in my hand, I don’t buy it.

First things first: The course for Blue Mooners starts on February 1, 2018 . At that time you will have an access to the modules and bonuses mentioned on the sales page. The new content will be added regularly.


To make the process elegant please follow these FOUR steps:

  SHARE my original post that you can find on my profile with as many people as you can, esp. with those who could benefit from knowing their colours to upgrade their image.

TAG THEM (to show that you are a good friend).

TAG me (to show that you mean it).

MESSAGE me your email address, so I can add you to the course manually. (Every now and then tech. gremlins come visit. Besides, I am much much better image strategist than IT Person. Please be patient.)



Meanwhile, if you like learning in a community environment, I would like to invite you to a private Facebook group amply called Style & Chic. Just click on the link and ask to join the group. I will let you in and welcome you in a group full of stylish people.

Talk to you soon,