YES! You can look 10 years younger.

YES! You can look 10 kg/22.2 lbs. lighter.

YES! You can look 10 x more attractive.



even if

you have lost touch with your stylish self,

you dread shopping and dressing rituals,

and you prefer remain unseen by public.

But first

You need a serious sartorial* intervention

*sartorialadj. – relating to clothes and to the way they are made or worn.

What exactly is it?

It’s a set of steps that will show you how to turn your torture chamber (a.k.a. your wardrobe) into your favourite place in the house!

Why do you need one?

Because if you keep shopping for more clothes and wearing less, your local charity will love you more than your partner.

And that’s wrong!

Who are you to tell me what to do with my wardrobe?

I am glad you asked. I am Karolina Chic, a style enabler helping hopeless dressers look resplendent.

I have seen many wardrobes without any concept whatsoever. I have met more ‘shoppers’ than ‘wearers’. But all of them became chronic shoppers involuntary because they did not know where to start, just like you. So they started from the end – shopping. Just like you? 

Let me ask you a question: How can you bake a cake if you don’t know which ingredients you need for it?

Yes, your wardrobe should have a concept (recipe) and it should be built on the three pillars (ingredients) if you want it to become a 100% wearable wardrobe:

1. the life you lead,

2. the clothes you love wearing again and again* (because they flatter your figure and you get compliments when wearing them), and

3. the colours that make you look resplendent.

Once you know how many clothing items you actually need, you will be able to wear every single one of them throughout the season, repeatedly. You will also gain new appreciation for your wardrobe that will serve you to the max.

This is what I teach. And that’s why I created Sartorial Delight because I really want you to go on that vacation. The one you can now afford because you will stop buying useless clothes.

*Please notice the ‘again and again’ phrase. It is crucial in the concept. Sign up and see what I mean.

If you treat your clothes like your employees…

  • you will easily distinguish between the poor and the great performers
  • people will compliment your best performers
  • you will spend more on the best performers
  • your best performers will make you proud
  • you will enter sartorial heaven

They were in your shoes once, but now…

My education with Karolina actually is life-long. Now I have taken my vision of myself, of my wardrobe, of my fashion, and my desires what I want in my wardrobe and what I want to wear to a higher level.

Catherine Finlayson

clinical relations and education consultant

I am so appreciative of your time and expertise; you’re a wonderful person and have enjoyed our times together. I’m looking forward to going shopping with all the details in mind.

Shery Price

Worship Leader

I really enjoyed our session yesterday. I could have done that all day! I put all of the things you taught me to use and I am even excited to get dressed in the morning now! Thanks again for being so lovely and helping me through the process.


business consultant

Thank you for the blueprint you sent. It is very clear, practical and to the point. I am shopping more confidently and dressing much better by utilizing all your tips.

Nicola Tupas


Thank you so very much for all of the knowledge you shared with me, Karolina. I found our time very energizing and uplifting. I’m actually excited about my wardrobe again, as I see it in a completely new light!! It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Paula Stiles


It goes without saying you have a passion and an impressive talent for helping people look their best, and it goes deeper than that, I think.

Ian Lysons


Retailers are waiting for your wallet…

This season’s sale is just around the corner. If you continue shopping for clothes only because they are dirt cheap or buying only what you LIKE without considering what’s going to work for you to ‘bake this cake’, your image will not improve. Your self-esteem won’t be any higher. Your saving account won’t be any fuller.

Get your 100% wearable blueprint a.k.a. Sartorial Delight NOW and enter style heaven.