Whopping 90 % of buying decisions are based predominantly on colour.

Ready to brand your new offer?

Learn the 7 BIGGEST mistakes businesses make when they (randomly) select COLOURS for their products


how you can avoid them.

Is colour really that important?

Just as you read above, it is. If you want to answer this question by yourself, try to remember why you selected your toothbrush, your running shoes, or your furniture. To double check, go to the nearest store and find what you really like. Then look at the other colour options you have and think about why you left the exact same product behind and selected yours.

Exactly, because you like it more. Because it has a COLOUR that you like.


What makes colours so special then?



It takes them about 1/10 of a second to notice a colour AND create an immediate emotional reaction to it. Then they notice everything else.

This is how much time you have to make people like the way your brand looks.

It all starts with colours.

The emotional reaction people immediately create will form a series of judgments that can result as simply as: I LIKE IT!


equally simply but less pleasant: I don’t like it!

What’s even worse is when they don’t notice you.

That’s real trouble.

Why should I trust you with my brand colours?

I am glad you asked. I am Karolina Chic. As an auspicious colour connoisseur, I don’t see the world in black and white. My highly trained colour-focused eye will resurrect your brand from the graveyard of invisible brands. Or those that overkilled it.

I have seen many brands using colours without any concept whatsoever. No connection to their leader, to their product, or to their audience. None.

But if you think your brand colours suck, worry not. People love transformations a.k.a re-branding.

Brand colours should serve a purpose of

  • attracting the right audiences
  • repelling the audiences you do not want to work with or sell to
  • creating that desired positive immediate emotional response
  • giving a promise
  • fulfilling expectations

They were in your shoes once, but now…

Your clients want to be visually pleased

Right from the start.

Remember that.