Check out DESSERT™ – the world’s most accurate step-by-step method to bring STYLE back in your image


endless guessing if magenta compliments your skin tone

no matter

how many continents your ancestors come from.

You will never see yourself in the same light. And everyone else for that matter. Even watching movies will gain a new dimension.
Hi, I am Karolina Chic.

mentor for image and branding for personal and business success

creator of the Colour Breakthrough online course

Coming to Canada from Europe with an extensive television news and PR experience, I had no idea what to do once we landed in Edmonton. Two children later a mother of my daughter’s school mate approached me and asked me a question that changed my life:

Would you help me create my new image? I have been observing you for a year and I like the way you and your children dress. I trust your judgement.”

There was not a book or a course on colours, style, and image I would not buy after that conversation. Some were good, some were ok, but there was always something missing – a single method to determine the best colours to wear for every human being on the planet. When I finally found it, I combined it with everything I have learned and created


DESSERT™ is a tested and proven 7 step system to determine your best colours, so you can look your best every single day. It works like this: you enter a special pantry with millions of colours and choose only those that make you look as if you had a bath in a fountain of youth. As a result, people like you and trust you before they even know you.

Take exactly the 7 steps (D, E, S, S, E, R, T) that my clients take to liberate yourself from endless guessing if a colour makes you look attractive, approachable, and trustworthy.
What’s in it for you if you attend?

Here are 5 ways this webinar will change your life forever.


After having DESSERT™ that I will be serving on the webinar you will


  • always KNOW what to wear whether you are invited to an opera or to George Clooney’s private party


  • be able to put together and outstanding outfit for any occasion in just 25 SECONDS


  • gain INDEPENDENCE so you will never need to ask a biology college student/sales assistant at Nordstrom for second opinion when shopping for a suit


  • feel CONFIDENT without the need to check your outfit in every glass door in the 25 storey building


  • build immediate TRUST in you and your ability the moment you enter the room or walk on the stage
They have it already:

Your service was above and beyond the first time that we met. Not only because you are an amazing teacher but you were more than that – I appreciate you dedication to me as a person, not only as a client.

Your services are invaluable and I am so grateful to have met you. Your sessions helped give me the confidence to wear my wedding dress – thank you for everything.

Michelle Anderson

Science/PE Teacher

What separates me from other image consultants?

Unlike many other people in the image industry, not only did I incorporated Colour Breakthrough in my client’s image but I also show them how to BUILD their image ON their best colours. Why?

Because NOTHING compensates for wearing a wrong colour.

I will not spend your time showing you only what works for me or ‘what everybody can wear’. No. I will show you how to select colours and how to strategically place them, so you will look stunning in every single outfit.

I walked the walk – I honed my colour analysis skills taking not one, not two but several colour analysis trainings. I read more than 108 (up to date) books on colour itself, worked with dozens and dozens of one-on-one clients to maximize the phenomenal effect of colours on them.

I always put my clients’ needs and wants first. Instead of trying to fit a client into a specific colour ‘box’ I make the box bigger or smaller, higher or narrower. Sometimes I cut a little window in it to find the best colour selection for them. This is how I created DESSERT™.

DESSERT™ is a 7 step method works for every person on the planet regardless

your skin colour

your hair colour

your eye colour

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You’ll be treated like royalty. Why? I am going to share a DESSERT™. What’s that? That’s the 7 step method to streamline your colour selection that I will be sharing with attendees only.

Now that you know what’s for DESSERT™, are you in for a treat?