How to ROCK

Your Brand COLOURS


Unknowingly repelling customers



of your prospects’ attention


Feel proud presenting your brand


Your business is as tiny as Monaco on the world map


You like the world’s ugliest colour.

(This is real. I am not kidding!)

Did you know that colours can increase brand recognition by 80%?


Because people see COLOURS first.

Then they see pictures.

Then they see layouts.

Then they see fonts.

And if you still manage to hold their attention before the third second is over, they might start reading your content. It depends predominantly on your choice of colours.

But how on Earth can you choose your colours right?

Especially when colour is such a highly subjective matter?

Colours create emotions

Our feelings are wired to certain colours. Your goal is to present your brand or brand your offer in colours that create positive emotions directly related to your brand.

Vague visual message will get you broke.

So get out of your brand colour coma, find that connection and paint it.

If you don’t get your brand colours right, people will not resonate with your offer. They will not be interested to stay longer, or read more.

No matter how great your offer is, no matter how great your copy is, if you don’t wrap it in the right shade of happiness your clients are after, your package will look like that awkward genius that is always dressed in beige and wears that ambiguously looking knitted piece of clothing that resembles a vest.

But you don’t want to be a genius who is popular DESPITE his funny looks. NO! You want to make it clear right form the start. You want to show them what they will get. So show them! And wire them forever!

It is never about a specific colour but a specific outcome

Branding today is predominantly about speed, familiarity and lasting impact on your clients.

Your goal is to become a familiar colour combination in the speed of light in any environment and hold this status forever.

How can you achieve that? Simply listen to your clients and empathize. Read between the lines of their testimonials. Paint their excitement.


If you want to feel proud to present your brand to the world and to your old friends

If you want to be able to brand every single offer attractively no matter the deadline

If you want to make less decisions about subjects you know nothing or very little about in your business

If you understand the importance of visual presentation

And if you are that specific person who is looking for this specific experience

Then my Brand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS is just the thing for you.


No more embarrassment and changing your mind after every unsuccessful launch, every quarter or negative feedback.

Brand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS will

Give you the advantage of presenting your business in the best light.

Shield you from those hamster wheel moments of hesitation when you don’t feel what they feel and you cannot create that so much needed visual connection.

Expand your business horizons once the visual part is out of the way because it will no longer be a missing piece of a puzzle.

5 irrefutable proofs that learning about colours will make a positive change in your business

YOU will have:

100% confidence in your brand. You will know that your brand colours represent you, your offer, and a positive outcome for your clients.

100% on every visual harmony test your brand will take. All your visuals will look cohesive and persuasive regardless the media.

100% frustration-free brand colour palette. You will easily create dozens of colour combinations by mixing and matching lighter and darker colours until you find what you LOVE.

100% efficiency when you create any visual. You will know EXACTLY what the criteria for your colour selection are and which steps to follow, so goodbye randomness and ugly colour mess.

100% control over the colour contrast and intensity of your brand. So you will never overpower your offer and colour-overload your message.


Colour in your branding is a sensitive topic up to the moment when you know what you are doing. Then it becomes your asset.

Once you are happy with your colours your business will make huge progress.

In less than two hours of your time on Friday April 28th, 2017 at  6 pm EST you will experience the excitement from learning a new skill that others pay hundreds and thousands (of money) for. Big bonus – you will be using it from now on until you decide to retire. Ideas will keep pouring in from your right brain to your left, so get a pen and paper to catch them before they will disappear.


Get ultimate access to everything I know about brand colours so you can pick my brain and become your best colour advisor forever.

  • You will know EVERYTHING that other professionals charge multiple zeros for without ever telling you their secrets.


  • You will know EVERYTHING you need to create a sensible colour combination until it becomes your second nature.


  • You will know EVERYTHING you need to make sensible colour decisions for your brand and your business whenever you decide.



Information PACKAGE Brand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • unlimited number of participants
  • Q & A


Information PACKAGE $49

Transformation PACKAGEBrand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • maximum 8 spots
  • 60 min one-on-one Brand COLOUR session with me.
  • continuous support  (you can send me updates and consult me via messenger) to help you execute the strategy until the project is complete and you are excited about it.  


Transformation PACKAGE $149

Can you know it all? Of course you can!



No holes, no gaps, no stone left unturned.


Whether you just want to brand your 5 day challenge or you think further and want to rebrand completely my Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS  is packed with everything you need to build a memorable brand based on


YOUR offer

YOUR  brand personality,

YOUR target market.


In less than 120 minutes you will learn exactly


how to determine your brand’s unique colour direction so you will focus only on the colours that are relevant

how to combine colours so you will never visually overpower your written message

how to attract the right audience and repel those that you would never work with even if they paid you in diamonds

You are only 2 hours away from ultimate clarity on brand colours


Liberate yourself from endless guessing, guilt, and frustration.

You will learn far more than just how to combine colours. The part about colour psychology will be mind-blowing.

You will understand the key difference between mediocre and memorable brand colours.

You will see several case studies of business owners that I helped directly but also big brand names that became a household name because of the colour.

Not only will you learn HOW to select your brand colours, you will have them served on a silver plate.


Cherry on top: Q & A session at the end.

3 basic misconceptions about brand colour selection

  1. Colours are not important, the copy is

OMG! You are still not convinced that colour is the number one element that can make or break the score of your brand’s visual first impression? Ok then. Let’s talk about numbers:

Visual appearance of any given product plays a crucial role in more than 90% of your conscious and subconscious buying decisions. From this, 85% relates to colour. That’s why you buy a red mixer for your culinary adventures instead of a violet one and a ring placed in a blue box, instead of bright orange.

If people care about the colours on products so much, why do you think they pay no attention to decide if they like or don’t like your brand colour message?

  1. As long as I like the colour, it’s not important what others think

You are right, it’s not. If you approach your business like a hobby. Yet, it is very important how your favourite mustard colour makes your prospects FEEL about your sweet dream products. People base their thoughts and (buying) decisions on their feelings.

Every colour is associated with certain types of social experiences. What does your favourite mustard translate to our society?

  1. Black and white is a timeless classic. 

Yes but let me ask you a question: Do your offer reflect a high contrasting outcome? If yes, great! Go for it! But consider: Does black and white represents your brand in general? Is it perceived as such in your target market?

Sorry to break it to you but as much as I love black & white, it is not a universal solution for every brand on the market.

Besides, black and white stand for something really strong and solid. Timeless. Reliable. That’s a big promise. Can you live up to your promise?

Please don’t buy my masterclass if you agree with any or all of the misconceptions mentioned above. You will be bored to death. We will talk about colours a lot!

Why DIY is not always the best solution in branding

Trying to solve your colour scheme without any concept whatsoever can get you deep in a rabbit hole, no matter how great your offer is.

I have seen many off-putting colour combinations that were followed by a simple question: Why was my launch unsuccessful? Why am I not making any money?

Remember, people look at the colour FIRST! If your colours look uncoordinated with your message, even the person with no sense of taste will look away.

When your brand has a blah colour palette, your money falls out through the holes of your limited knowledge about the subject.

5 indisputable reasons why you should learn about your brand colours NOW

No matter if you sell irritable bowel syndrome solution or a goodnight sleep:

If you have no idea that colour can help you sell it then there is no better time than NOW to get it.


No matter how big your business is:

You built it to grow, so if colours can help in the process, why hesitate?


No matter how many branding consultants you follow:

Following anyone will not solve your problem. Free stuff is never a solution. Knowledge application from the source is the only sensible move. Why wait? NOW?


No matter how much or little you like colours:

Colours surround us from the moment we open our eyes until we fall asleep. Even our dreams are colourful, so maybe it’s time to make yours true and pack your offer into something meaningful. Colour wise. NOW!


No matter how long you are in business:

If you still haven’t learned how to grab your prospects attention powerfully, impressively, and persuasively, you might like to consider learning it NOW!


Otherwise, go to the dollar store and invest in a big duster because you will need it for your dust-collecting brand.

Why should you trust me when I talk about colours?

Ready to be my next success story?

I don’t see the world in black and white. I can make your brand colours rock!  In a few clicks your brand can change from mediocre to memorable. Immediate trust and the lasting impression are the standard results my clients get.


Several courses on colour and image, 89 books on colour, and hundreds of clients in five years.


Karolina Chic, mentor for image and branding for personal and business success.

Can colours change the course of your business?


  • You will always know how to make your clients see your offer in the right colours!


  • You will be able to select a colour palette for your next product in 25 seconds.


  • You will save so much time that you might take up fishing.


  • You will proudly present your brand and your positive energy will be contagious.


Let’s see what Brand Colour Breakthrough Masterclass is all about!

Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is a 2 hour LIVE training that gives you clarity to choose your brand colours that will make all your offers and your branding look professional and trustworthy.


Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS will take place on Friday April 28, 2017 at 6 PM EST.

A recorded version of the masterclass will be available to those who cannot make it live.


Once you are in, you will get access to all relevant information based on colour psychology. You will use a system that will help you streamline your colour choices to produce harmoniously looking results. When you apply these strategies, you will KNOW how to select the best colour option for any product, for any offer, and for any audience, regardless your business objective.

At the end of the lesson there will be a Q & A session where you can ask questions to clarify the content.


Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS will teach you how to choose and use colours to maximize the real estate on all your visuals, enhance the positive outcome of all your solutions, and experience life changing opportunities in your business and personal life.


4 main criteria to select your brand colours

3 questions you need to ask yourself when you choose your colours

6 case studies

Colour psychology on every colour of the rainbow

5 big brands’s examples on mastering their colours

Colour theory in 5 minutes

3 essential tools to select your colours

Q & A

Who is this masterclass for?

My clients are typically small business owners who either start with their business, want to focus on branding a specific offer, or intend to rebrand.


If you understand the value the right brand colours can bring you

If you accept the fact that my knowledge and expertise can and will help you achieve what you want

If you are an open minded, positively thinking individual who wants their brand being represented in the right colours

If you are looking forward to taking steps to make improvements in your business and elevate your brand from mediocre to memorable

If you feel no guilt, shame, or other irrelevant feeling when investing in your business

If you enjoy the learning process and you are looking forward to discovering different colour options to define your own brand

If you understand the power of first impressions

If you don’t underestimate overall visual presentation


Then yes, buying this masterclass is the best decision you can make right now.

Friday April 28th, 2017 at  6 pm EST will become a day when your world will acquire a new dimension – COLOUR.

Big bonus for clever people – your investment in Information PACKAGE will be subtracted from your future investment in my course on colours for image and branding. You are going to look stunning! But first things first.


Information PACKAGE Brand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • unlimited number of participants
  • Q & A


Transformation PACKAGEBrand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • maximum 8 spots
  • 60 min one-on-one Brand COLOUR session with me.
  • continuous support (you can send me updates and consult me via messenger) to help you execute the strategy until the project is complete and you are excited about it.  


Information PACKAGE $49


Transformation PACKAGE $149

I am guessing there are questions swirling in your head right now.

If you are still on the fence, which I doubt, I assure you that the Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is an ideal form to learn how to translate your copy into colours that get engagement.

What is Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS?

Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is a 2 hour training that gives you clarity on colours for branding your business, a specific product or a specific offer.

Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS will teach you how to choose and use colours to maximize the visual impact of your branding, so you can attract the right audience.

Who are you?

My name is Karolina. I am a mentor for image and branding for personal and business success. My high level of integrity earned me a great reputation among my clients who gladly and without any bribes or threats spread the word far and wide.

I truly enjoy witnessing transformations of my clients who grow confident in a time span of our consultation. This is what colours can do.

And colours are what I teach.



How is Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS different?

Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is the only course specifically on colours for branding purposes. Every now and then you may come across branding courses or lesson that will teach you about colours only marginally. Whereas other teach theory predominantly, I focus on the psychology and the selection process as the theory is a piece of cake.

The main focus of  Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is YOU, learning how to choose colours for YOUR branding to create cohesive palettes that will make YOUR brand/offer stand out while representing the outcome.

Is Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS for me?

My brand colour clients are typically small business owners who want to elevate their brand and understand that it starts with colours.


So, whatever reason prompted you to improve your brand colours, if you want to use proven methods and systems that simply work, then yes, Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS IS for you.

How is Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS delivered?

Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS is a LIVE 2 hour class that will take place on Friday April 28 at 6 PM EST. It will be recorded for those who cannot attend due to time zone differences or other various reasons.

What are my payment options?

If you do not require any help and you will be satisfied with the class content with no on-on-one consultation and no further support then you will pay only $49.


If you wish for me to help you with your brand colour selection after the class, you can buy an upgraded version of Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS  for US$149. This price includes extra 60 minute one on one consultation on your brand colours and my further support until you are completely excited about your selection.

Will the colours I choose increase my brand recognition?

Yes, indeed. That’s the reason for the Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS . This is just a fraction of what colours can do for you. If you let them. If you choose them right.

Will I have to completely rebrand?

I cannot answer that for you right now. It depends on your newfound knowledge about colours. Some of my clients focus on the color selection for a specific offer, some start anew, some rebrand even if they hadn’t planned. It varies.

How many 1:1 consultations can I have?

Great question. I am glad you asked.

If you decide to invest in the Transformation Package ($149) you will meet with once for 60 minutes after the class when we will streamline your colour options so your brand will make a great impression on your audience. Then, if you wish, you an keep me updated with the development via private messages. Does it sound like a plan?

Do I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds on Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS. I only work with dedicated clients who are READY for their brand transformation and who typically know me well enough to expect value. If you are interested in a refund more than in learning, I don’t think that you and I can work together well. Please do not sign up.

Get ultimate access to everything I know about colours

Cross than bridge of doubt and hesitation over the river of colours. I want to help you to get across and win.

Two hour Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS  on Friday April 28th, 2017 at  6 pm EST will change your colour vision, colour understanding and the course of your business.

HUGE bonus – your investment in Brand Colour Breakthrough MASTERCLASS will be subtracted from your future investment in my course on colours for image and branding.

Information PACKAGE Brand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • unlimited number of participants
  • Q & A

Transformation PACKAGEBrand Colour Breakthrough  MASTERCLASS

  • start to finish strategy
  • maximum 8 spots
  • 60 min one-on-one Brand COLOUR session with me.
  • continuous support to help you execute the strategy until the project is complete and you are excited about it.  


Information PACKAGE $49


Transformation PACKAGE $149