You are just one click away form the not making any of the 7 Biggest Mistakes when selecting your brand colours.

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I am thrilled that you have decided to build your brand on the crucial element – COLOUR.

Who am I?

As a true colour freak I drink my tea only from cups that match my skin tone. Also, I pay close attention to the shape of a cup, too. If the handle doesn’t fit in my hand, I don’t buy it.

First things first: Please download the 7 Biggest Mistakes so you will

  • never leave out the perception of your audience. Ever.
  • create a positive emotional response with your brand colours
  • you will build an immediate connection with you and your brand

So they can trust you before they know you

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Occasionally, I will spice it up with colour selection of your branding because people see COLOURS first! On everything and everyone.

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